Experimental Art

Experimental Art with a dash of Gerhard Richter

July 13, 2011

What a fun day I’ve had today! I’m well into week 3 of the experimental art course I’m taking. This weeks assignment was to paint without brushes. So I pulled together a few odd items to paint with and started experimenting. I used some toothpicks, a small piece of corrugated cardboard, a plastic spatula and […]

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Picasso Portraits – Igor Stravinsky upside down

July 11, 2011

I’ve just completed week 2 of the Experimental Art Course I’m taking and it was very interesting! Our task was to use a pencil to draw the following Picasso Portrait: To engage the right side of the brain quickly, we had to turn the picture upside down. I haven’t tried anything like this before and […]

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