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collage photos of alison quine, acrylic art, mixed media, balos
Hi, I’m Alison Quine, welcome to my Art blog!

I’ll be sharing my art, WIP, and inspirations. I believe art adds colour, magic & a bit of dreamy wonder to the world and goodness knows we need as much of that as possible!

I’m interested in texture and form and the way things look when randomly mixed together.  I like to experiment with themes and I love to add sand, sculpture paste and other mediums to my paint to create lovely textures!

irrisistable trivia

  • I’m a self taught mixed media artist and I love to experiment with new textures.
  • I left the UK when I was 29, to escape the 9 – 5 and the bad weather!
  • I’ve lived in Kos (Greek Island), Gran Canaria (Spanish Island), Manchester-Uk, Chania in Crete and Melbourne, Australia.
  • I now live in Melbourne in Australia, which has similar weather to Manchester! I do miss life on the Greek islands, that’s for sure!
  • I love living close to the sea, it has an intriguing energy.
  • I’m fascinated by anything that cannot be explained by conventional means, such as consciousness and dreaming.
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I hope you enjoy reading my blog!