Open your Heart: Create an Art Blog You Love!

by Alison Quine on May 16, 2012

painting of hearts

I read a  lot of blogs and I love reading about other people’s stories. Some artists are fantastic at writing stories, opening up and sharing their inner most feelings and thoughts. I struggle to do this. I can express myself through my art but I find it very difficult to articulate my thoughts.

This blog is over a year old now and I thought it would get easier as I went along, but it hasn’t really. I still read other blogs and think to myself “I wish I could write like that” bring people to tears, share inspiring messages and really express myself in a sharing and loving way.

But it’s hard! Damn it.

That’s why I thought I’d give myself a boot up the backside and join Liv Lane’s “Build a blog you truly love” e-course. It starts on Monday 21st May and runs for 6 weeks. I’ve read Liv’s blog. She’s a great story teller! If I can only learn a bit of what she can teach, I’ll be on my way to a sparkling new blog.

There’s also the opportunity to get together (virtually) with other like minded people on the course and that’s always a bonus in my book. It’s great to share knowledge and learn from others, especially when you’re all searching for similar things in life.

So, I’m all signed up pen in hand, butterflies in stomach, ready to morphe my blog into a new sparkling better version of me!

If you want to join me and many other creatives, the class starts on Monday but registration will be open up to the 4th of June.



Fight Your Monsters: Social Media Overwhelm

by Alison Quine on January 28, 2012

Cory Huff, over at The Abundant Artist site announced a rather interesting art contest recently. He called it “Fight the monsters” as a way to encourage artists to define their fears. I think this would be a useful contest for everyone actually, not just artists.

So, I would like to introduce you to two of my monsters. Firstly, meet my “Social Media Monster”. She raises her ugly head on occasion, especially when I’m busy creating. It’s quite difficult trying to be everywhere at once! Ha.


painting of a social media monster


and secondly, although I have made a couple of videos, I’m still learning. I don’t really like my broad Northern English accent. I’m not that comfortable in front of a video camera either, so here’s my second monster: “Video Shy Monster”.


painting of a video shy monster by Alison Quine

I hope you like them! what’s your biggest, scariest monster?

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